Uncomplicated Pricing

Assuming you want it uncomplicated?

Our pricing is simple.

Our pricing is an hourly rate, with a four hour minimum. We will arrive at least one hour before your party, depending on your needs, to help with last minute details and organization. You will be charged from arrival time to departure time. Your “Best Friend” will stay as long as you require.

Holiday/Seasonal prices may be higher.

$75/hr per "Best Friend"

$50/hr per additional "Best Friend"

Tipping is appreciated for our exceptional service. We thank you in advance.

To help you determine how many “Best Friends” you may need on the day of your event, this guide will be helpful:

1-25 guests: 1 Best Friend

26-50 guests: 2 Best Friends

51-75 guests: 3 Best Friends

75+ guests: Discussed 

 This guide is only a recommendation.  Details will be discussed at the initial pre-party meeting with your Hostess’ Best Friend.


Girls' Night Out

Hostess Concierge

In addition to your food staging, serving, and bartending Best Friends, for larger parties, you may request a Hostess Concierge to oversee the overall success of the party.

You can count on the Hostess Concierge to add the personal touch, from greeting guests with a smile, checking their coats, taking photos, refreshing drinks, and ensuring your guests are taken care of during the entire event. The Hostess Concierge will also supervise and assist the Best Friends when needed.

PRICING: $75/hr

Let us know how we can help YOU.

Creative Wedding Decoration

Party Coordinator/Wedding Director

As additional services, you may choose to have a Best Friend Party Coordinator to plan with you the details of your event, such as menu, catering, themes, etc. We sit down weeks in advance to coordinate and set a plan.

 As your "Day of" Wedding Director we will make sure no detail is overlooked and your special day is fabulous and stress-free. 

We'll be with you every step of the way, just like you would expect from your Best Friend.

PRICING: $100+/hr

Ask about our Wedding Director package pricing.

Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you make a memorable event be truly unforgettable.

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